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In Brandity, we believe in embracing greatness. Our AI helps you generate a vibrant brand identity. Reach out to us at info@brandity.ai.


Brandity generates complete visual identities quickly.


Our AI adapts to your brand needs and preferences.


Brandity maintains a consistent style across all your brand assets.

Your Graphical Brand Identity

Looks that show you spent thousands on design... except you didn't!

With Brandity you can kickstart your own brand identity in less than 5 minutes. Provide us your use-case and we recommend you color scheme, art style, and fonts. From this we generate any type of graphical asset that you need to represent and showcase your brand. No matter what it is, web design, print media or social media marketing,  assets from brandity can be used anywhere!

You may not specialize in creating visual identities, but now, with Brandity, an AI is ready to do it for your business.

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Perfect for individuals

$49 / month

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100 Credits / month
($ 0.0625 p. Image)
Generate Logo, Scenes, Props, and Patterns
1 Project
1 Vote for Feature Requests

Perfect for SMEs or freelancers

$199 / month

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500 Credits / month
($ 0.05 p. Image)
Generate Logo, Scenes, Props, and Patterns
Premium Support
Up to 5 projects
5 Votes for Feature Requests

Perfect for agencies

$499 / month

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1500 Credits / month500 Credits / month
($ 0.0416 p. Image)
Generate Logo, Scenes, Props, and Patterns
Premium Support
Unlimited Projects
15 Votes for Feature Requests

Perfect for High-Conversion Entities

$899 / month

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3000 Credits / month
($ 0.0375 p. Image)
Generate Logo, Scenes, Props, and Patterns
Premium Support
Unlimited projects
30 Votes for Feature Requests

"By generating complete visual identities that align with given descriptions, Brandity not only saves time but also ensures coherence and consistency across all brand assets."



What Does Brandity's AI-Driven Identity Generation Mean for Your Brand?

Brandity utilizes AI to create a cohesive and unique brand identity. This isn't just about logo design; it's about generating an entire ecosystem of visual elements, from color schemes to art styles, that resonate with your brand's core message.

Regardless of the variety in your brand's needs, Brandity's advanced algorithms are flexible and adaptable. It doesn't necessarily mean that every brand will have identical outputs. The generated identities are deeply influenced by the input descriptions and are tailored to fit your brand's unique needs.

The beauty of Brandity lies in its versatility. It can generate graphic assets for various applications, including but not limited to web design, print media, and social media. This ensures that wherever your brand is seen, it presents a consistent, compelling image.


Visual Identities

Created at a 'high-performing' level by our AI-driven design system


Design Hours Saved

Achieved through AI, ensuring quality visual identities in record time



Our AI system works around the clock, producing on-demand brand assets

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